About us

My name is Adriana Angelica and I am the founder of Angelica Holiday Villas.

I was born in Sicily and up to 18 years I lived with my family in Giarratana, a small town in the Hyblaean hills. Here, for thirty years, we lead a family business with one of the most renowned restaurants in the area and we have increased our small business over the last few years by opening up to tourists some pretty cottages in rustic style with an extraordinary swimming pool.

After completing the High school in languages I decided to start my university career, first in Catania and then in Modena, finishing brilliantly my studies with the Master’s Degree in Languages for Communication in Firms and International Organizations.

In my life I have always loved traveling and often change place to live, moving from Italy to England to Malta.

I have always been fascinated by foreign cultures and folk customs and these passions have pushed me to seek, study and want more.

Angelica Holiday Villas was born in Malta from this irrepressible desire.


Angelica Holiday Villas

Angelica Holiday Villas offers holiday rental properties in Malta and Sicily and is an expert and professional mediator between tourists and villa owners.

Angelica Holiday Villas has a constantly growing portfolio of private villas and is always seeking new and exciting properties.

We bring tourists in close contact with the local cultures to let experience them these amazing islands!

Angelica Holiday Villas can help you organize tours, excursions, guided tours, scuba diving, tasting tours, wine tasting and private flight on Light airplane. And in order not to miss anything Angelica Holiday Villas can help you make your event unique, whether it’s a meeting or a wedding. Our network extends from catering to photographic services.

Our main goal is to leave you a happy and unforgettable memory of your holiday. If we have not mentioned some services or need to receive new information, all you have to do is ask for it.

Angelica Holiday Villas will be proud to make your holiday memorable in the Islands!

“We believe that every place in the world has its own story to tell.
A history of people, art, folklore, sounds, smells and colours.
The uniqueness of a place is its irreplaceability”