About us

Angelica Holiday Villas has been carefully put together by founder and owner Adriana Angelica and based in Sicily, Adriana and her team coordinate house management, villa holiday bookings and promotions.

What makes Angelica Holiday Villas different?

The beautiful holiday villas featured on this website are handled by Adriana’s team in Sicily and Malta and have been carefully selected for their location, style, facilities and welcome. Some villas are luxurious, and others are more simply furnished. Adriana visits many villas and picks the villas she knows her guests will love and makes sure they are adequately managed, saving you time and ensuring that you have a lovely villa holiday.

Who owns the villas?

Adriana herself owns five of the villas and the rest belong to a growing network of friends from Italy and Malta.

Why do the owners of the villa choose Angelica Holiday Villas?

The villa owners ask Adriana to assist them with managing and marketing their villas because Adriana has a reliable local house management team as well as an experienced sales and marketing team. This means that the villa owners can free up their own time by relying on Adriana’s side to look after their villas and manage their bookings effectively.

Will Adriana and her team help me plan things to do in Sicily?

Adriana’s team helps each guest experience the island at their own pace, guiding them to the best local beaches, nature reserves, historic sites and other local highlights which are off the beaten track. Recently Adriana has been adding more villas to Angelica Holiday Villas, not just in Sicily but other destinations including Malta and Gozo. Angelica Holiday Villas team are here to guide you to a selection of suitable holiday villas. Whether you are after a large villa for a family celebration, a child-friendly villa near the beach, a romantic retreat or a luxurious villa with a stunning infinity pool, we will advise you which dwellings will genuinely match your requirements.
Once you have decided on your ideal villa, please do contact us and we will take you through the booking process. You can take full advantage of our help even after booking your villa holiday. Our main goal is to leave you a happy and unforgettable memory of your holiday. We are always on hand to answer any queries you may have and if you need to receive new information, all you have to do is ask for it.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


“We believe that every place in the world has its own story to tell.
A history of people, art, traditions, sounds, scents and colours.
The uniqueness of a place is its irreplaceability”