Aquaman in Sicily: The stunning sets where the movie was filmed

Aquaman: the superhero of the seas makes a stop in Sicily

Aquaman, a Warner Bros. and DC Comics film, was shot in Australia but the setting is Sicilian. “While we were writing the film and thinking about the story, I was on vacation in Italy – reveals the director, James Wan, in an interview with Pierpaolo Festa – and I was so inspired by these small villages on the coast that I thought:” If I really do Aquaman, I would like to bring the protagonists of the film to one of these Mediterranean villages where the fishermen are ”. Said and done: one of the most spectacular sequences in the film, which sees the superhero played by Jason Momoa in war with the nemesis Black Manta, takes place in a village inspired by Erice.

aquaman sicily
Trapani was rebuilt on the set, the coasts of the Zingaro reserve and the Greek temples were recreated in the studio thanks to digital effects. An imaginary place where the town of Erice and the temples of Syracuse, Taormina and Segesta end up merging. On the big screen, a Sicily made up of restaurants, squares, churches, markets and fountains. Warner Bros and DC Comics show the island of the thirties and fifties, a market with a Sunday square full of light, sun, sea, happy families and good food. Among the small houses, the markets and the temples of Erice, the love blossoms between the two protagonists of the film and Black Mantha challenges his archenemy, Arthur Curry.

Erice: timeless beauty

In about 40 minutes Aquaman makes us admire a Sicily of other times, traditional, artistic and sometimes magical.
Founded by trojans fleeing the Mediterranean, Erice is one of the oldest villages in the island. It is mentioned by Virgil in the Eneide while – according to a legend – its foundation is attributed to the hero Erice, who would have challenged another well-known hero in a duel: Hercules.

Aquaman sicily