“Falling in love with Sicily”

sicily love

“Falling in love with Sicily”: a Canadian journalist talks about the wonders of Sicily.

The Sicilian beauties travel around the world and also thrill Canada and a travel expert who has decided to write an article in an online journal, describing her experience and advising her readers.

To praise Sicily was Glenda Beagle, contributor of the Camrose Canadian, one of the local newspapers of the Canadian city Camrose founded in 1908.

The Beagle’s words (read the article) are a true eulogy to the Island. The first sentence you read is Sicily, my one true love !sicily love

An almost romantic statement that takes on greater value if you think that Beagle is a travel coach. She is not just a tourist but a “teacher” with workshops and seminars behind on how to travel to get the best out of each experience.

The Beagle tour started in Palermo where she also visited the Shrine of Santa Rosalia and the markets that she describes as unique. Then she moved to Agrigento, between temples and “beautiful vineyards”. Then she visited Taormina.

Finally, Beagle visited Savoca and Etna, spending a lot of positive words. For each place she visited,  the travel coach also indicated a food or a peculiarity that struck her.

The conclusion of the article is as much an advice as a declaration of intent. She defines the people who inhabit the island as wonderful, kind and so very welcoming. Beagle has declared her desire to come back as soon as possible.